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Thursday, May 1, 2014

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton, Part One: The Blue Dress Collection

Blue. It's the color of the sky, it's the color of the ocean, it's the color of my eyes, and it's also the color of choice for a one Miss Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Try as she might to embrace other colors, Kate has shown us all the special place in her heart that she keeps for the color blue on a near constant basis. Who knows, maybe it's because her engagement ring is a sapphire; maybe it's because her child is a boy, and boys are often associated with the color blue; maybe it's to match her husband, William's eyes; but for whatever reason, Kate has made her affection for the hue blatantly apparent.

So now, as an admirer and follower of the royal, you are probably wondering how you can embrace the effortless style of Kate's blue wardrobe. TADA! Here you go. Below are a collection of dresses that mimic in one sense or another the looks and outfits of the Duchess of Cambridge. This is just a taste of what's out there in dressing like Kate, but make sure to make her style your own!

The Blue Shift Dress


They key to channeling this look is to emphasize the clean lines and simple silhouette created byt he shift dress. Most women think that the only way to look slim is in black; granted, Kate is very slender, but the fact that she wears dresses that pinch at the waist and keep the line going from top to bottom proves that even the brightest of blues can be flattering.

Another thing to keep in mind it that because the shift dress is so solid, Kate has kept her hems a little shorter to avoid being swallowed up by material. While you can go as short or as long as you want in these dresses, be sure to leave a little something showing on your leg so that it does not look like you are cocooning yourself into the material.

This deconstructed look basically just means that you should flatter your body while still being playful. This dress has a bit more whimsy to it and you can have some fun in it, so choose softer fabrics, looser lines, and more flowy silhouettes. Notice how even though the dress Kate wore was more fun, she made it a more serious and formal look by adding a blazer. Feel free to mix up your hard and soft just like Kate, as it's very pleasing to have such contrasts in clothing. 


The Blue Print Dress


This is where Kate got to play. I love how she chose prints that were sophisticated but whimsical. Here is where you can really have fun with your style. Make sure you choose prints that are not overwhelming you; stick to smaller patterns or patters are that are consistent on the print to get the slimmer look.

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