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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton, Part Two: The Lady in Lace

Let's face it. Lace is not exactly the picture of contemporary and cool; it's a far more sophisticated, adult, often expensive fabric that mostly gets lumped into the grandma's-dolies-and-curtains department. However, in the last few years lace has been one of the hottest fabrics to grace the fashion front, and no one has showcased it quite as beautifully as the Princess of England. Her elegance and class makes the looks come to life in a way that lace has never seen before. To be fair, lace has always had a bit of a wild side but it has very rarely been the picture of cool. See the different ways below in which Kate wore lace, and how you can wear it too!

The Classic Lace Dress


Some women may find lace to be a hard fabric to pull off, but when done right, it could surpass the "beautiful" look, and be downright sexy. As Kate did, be sure to choose modern looking lace and make sure your silhouettes compensate for the sophistication of the fabric. Lace also gives off a much more expensive look, so dresses like these are a sure fire way to look more luxurious. Lace has all the makings of a truly flattering and classic look when put into a sheath or shift silhouette, so take advantage of the virtues of the fabric by playing up curves while still looking modern and modest-- best of both worlds! Lastly, don't be afraid to embrace color--lace is not just for white wedding gowns anymore.


The Contemporary Lace Dress


This is a modern more updated look on the lace dress. It's not conventional in that it doesn't look like it belongs in your grandparents' home due to its modern and updated look, but still retains the classic femininity of lace. Try to choose more interesting patterns with thicker cables for the lace. This dress has bot more edge to it and will make for a truly contemporary look.

The Lace Gown


This section is really for all the bridesmaids out there because let's face it, we're not going anywhere other than a wedding that would require a gown this fancy. But as a bridesmaid, it truly is a relief to have a c collection of modest, sophisticated and contemporary gowns to choose from. Some of these may feel a little more mother-of-the-bride to you, but some of these are just down right sexy.

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