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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#MetGala2014: The Ultimate Let-Downs in the History of Let-Downs

I suppose that that title is a bit over exaggerated, but on a night like the Met Gala, one has a chance to showcase the craziness that is the fashion world. Problem is-- not everyone can pull it off. Some ladies looked really horrible (Kate Upton) and others were just so drab, it kinda looked like they were just bored. I want to stress that this is not necessarily a worst dressed list-- many if not all of these dresses are beautiful and on other occasions may have very well stood out as exceptional. At the Met Ball though, they just sort of fell flat.

Jessica Alba in DVF
Here's a beautiful and stunning woman who looked truly ravishing but disappointed last night. I am pretty sure we have seen many incarnations of this dress, in this color, on this woman in the past and I just wish we could have seen her take a larger risk. This was one of my biggest let-downs of the night. 

Rachel McAdams in Ralph Lauren
Beautiful. Really truly beautiful, but boring as all hell.

Elizabeth Olsen in Miu Miu
Wtf. No.

Kate Upton in Dolce and Gabbana
OK Charro, we get it, you have the breasts of a God. You also have the headdress of a paper mache  pinata at a South American funeral.

Chrissy Tiegenin Ralph Lauren
That collar is so unflattering on anyone who is not Queen Elizabeth I.

Beyonce in Givenchy
Beyonce usually brings it in a BIG way, so while I love this gown very much, I was sooooo underwhelmed with the overall look for the evening. She still looked remarkable and I think she is a class unto her own, but we all know Bey could have blown it out of the water in more of a statement dress.

Nicole Richie in Donna Karan Atelier
This was so unremarkable in so many ways. Then again, I suppose a ball gown would have eaten her alive on her petite waif-like body. Still, she could have done better.

Kim Kardashian in Lanvin
It's go big or go home at this event. Kim can go home. Let me say that this dress was truly beautiful and classy (especially for Kim!), but this is the woman who is getting married at the Palace of Versailles, people! She wore this. Heck, she was fancier walking into frozen yogurt the other day than she was in this. Disappointed.

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