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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How To Dress Like Kate Middleton, Part Three: A Princess in Print

It's pretty obvious that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess of our hearts has a soft spot for solid colored shift dresses, especially as of late (fear not--there will be a post about that), however it is her print dresses that really showcase the Duchess's more common side. Kate's printed dresses are the makings of a relate-able and everyday woman. These are the dresses that you and I would buy, which is what makes it all the more exciting when we see it on the Princess.

Prints tend to be more fun and playful, exciting in ways that reveal a little more about the wearer than a solid color sheath, which is why when we see Kate wearing a print dress, we see the side of her that is often concealed by royal etiquette, even if it is just in this one small way.

The Classic Print Dress 


Of all the dresses in this series that I post, the classic print dress will likely be the best. Coming in a n variety of colors, shapes and silhouettes, the print dress is practically limitless in its versatility and wear-ability. Prints are a fabulous way to cover a multitude of sins while enhancing all the good parts of your body. Because of the more adventurous nature of a print versus a solid, I can appreciate and love when a woman has fun with her prints; however, knowing a woman like Kate and the position she holds, it's not very often that the Duchess can push the boundaries of fashion (rather she often creates new ones!), so when it comes to a classic dress like this, take a cue from Kate and embrace a more conservative approach with a print that is small and not overwhelming. The classic print dress is versatile in that it can be worn to any type of occasion, to work, or wherever your heart decides, and when you never know just where you might be going, it's best to stick to prints that are easy, classic and flattering. 

Anne Klein Dress - Elbow Sleeve Texture Knit Belted Swing

T72 Silk Jersey Wrap Dress In feather leopard

The Graphic Print Dress 



FUN! These dresses have so much character to them, it's almost hard not to pick one up! When Kate wears a print dress like the ones above, we really get to see the more playful side of her wardrobe and it's a refreshing look compared with some of her more formal outfits. Take as many liberties as you want with a dress like this! There are no rules when it comes to having fun and taking risks, so choose whatever type of print you think you could pull off best.

ASOS Blocked Floral Body-Conscious Dress

Chanda Column Dress

The Animal Print Dress 



This was one of my favorite Kate looks and it's because it's one of the most sophisticated but wild she has ever looked. A pregnant Kate Middleton wore this coat to the christening of a ship and she looked supremely rich and classy ehre, despite the wild print. It goes to show, that when done right, animal print is just as classy as any other print. When doing animal print, be sure to keep the pattern on the smaller side, a consistent and even distribution of the print, and not too wild colors--this should be a classic piece with a wild side.

Other times Kate wore print

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