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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Wear The Same Skirt For Ten Days

This post is a slight variation on the movie 'How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days' in that it is nothing like the movie whatsoever. I am, however, extremely talented at losing a guy in 10 days. I've even managed to set the record to 4 days. Beat that Kate Hudson.

We all know times are tough, so in an effort to be economical, I propose wearing the same skirt everyday for 10 days and changing up all your other pieces to make 10 new, amazing outfits. Since I already do wear the same skirt to work 10 days in a row, I am speaking from experience when I tell you it can be done. pièce de résistance. I not only live in this black skirt from Gap, but it is officially my best friend. It's the most comfortable item of clothing I own,  it's a bit higher-waisted, so cinches nicely, and goes well with structured or flowy tops alike. In other words: Perfect.
Everyday I pair this little sucker with another top, different tights, different shoes, and different accessories (I know--thank GOD I have a job). So, choose this skirt, or another and get ready to have two weeks worth of fabulous outfits at your disposal---with only one skirt!

DAY 1:
This top from ASOS is ridiculously amazing. Pair it with a black turtleneck underneath (or Kiki-Riki) for an even more covered (and warmer in the Winter) look. Pair with a black tights and heels for perfection.

DAY 2:
This longer cardigan from ModCloth would look fabulous belted over the skirt. Pair with a charcoal tight and black boots. 2 for 2.

DAY 3:
Tuck this cuteness from Forever21 into your lovely skirt, and try a wine colored tight in the winter with some black boots for a more whimsical take on your work day.

DAY 4:
Pretty doesn't need to be hard--just try this shirt form ASOS, and top it off with a black cardigan if you get chilly in the Winter, because that material looks a bit thin. (I did not come up with the name of this blouse, but I kinda like it.)

DAY 5:
You know I love sequins, so I simply couldn't resist showing you this cardigan from New York & Co.
Heels and black tights make this the cutest outfit ever.

DAY 6:
There is no way you can go wrong with a classic white button-down shirt. Emphasis on classic. Try this one from Banana Republic.

DAY 7:
Want some color? Try this combo from The Loft. Make sure to tuck that flowy shirt in, and minimize your accessories here, because there is a lot going on already. Feel free to tone down the color of the blouse underneath for something more muted, but remember not to shy away from color.

DAY 8:
I am so smitten with this top. Totally adorbs! If you want to get "Oh, you look so cute today!", buy this top.

DAY 9:
Try a flowy tank and loose cardigan like this combo, both from Forever 21. Points in the office for looking smart with those glasses. Try and add a lot of accessories to this one because the neutral colors can be plain looking.

DAY 10:
We've made it to the last day, and while your options are limitless, you can choose from this last piece. This Tory Burch Cardigan screams out loud, but paired with your black skirt, it will look tres chic.
'Liesa' Contrast Print Merino Wool Cardigan

I really hope you liked the selection. I also really hope you shower in between every outfit, because wearing the same skirt 10 days in a row can get a bit smelly. Enter Febreeze. Just sayin.



  1. First, I love the new background!
    also I like day 6 and day 10. I hope whoever follows this, also showers a few times within those 10 days.

  2. oh man I want day 8- no joke


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