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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Royal Touch

Oh Kate Middleton, how I envy thee so.

So I dunno if ya’ll know, but there be a little lady up in England who got herself a prince, and her name is Kate Middleton. Now, I am just commoner, but I know royal style when I see it, and Kate has all the trappings (I sounded British there, didn’t I) of a true princess. Her etiquette and class far exceed an equal in her years, but above all her modesty shines brighter than all.

And I’m not just talking about clothing, although we will get to that in a minute—the future Queen of England (uch, jealous) has been dating dear William for 9 years, and has handled the fame, paparazzi, and hullabaloo that comes with being attached to a Windsor with such grace and humility that she seems too perfect. She must be a robot.

And as for her wardrobe. It speaks for itself.

So you wanna dress like Kate Middleton?  I can’t guarantee that you will nab a prince, but I can guarantee you will be walking in royal style. So grab a scone and some tea, and pay attention.

Just FYI, Kate did her own make-up for her engagement photos. Stop. Being. So. Perfect. You really are making the rest of us women look bad. She wore a Nanette dress for her formal shot, and a blouse from Whistles (in London). Mind you, both are from her own closet and both are from past seasons--the blouse is from 2008.

When Wills and Kate announced their engagement, Kate wore this now infamous blue Issa dress, which sold out in London in less than 24 hours. She looks like a raven haired Barbie. (She did her own make-up for this appearance as well.)
 You can actually buy this dress too from here at  Net A Porter, and you can dress just like the princess herself. The dress is on my To-Get List...right below 'my own prince'.

Crazy hats aside (which are actually kind of endearing), Kate's flowy dresses and structured blazers are a perfect balance of sweet and sophisticated. ( The arm candy ain't too bad either.)

Try this blazer from Urban Outfitters. It has spectacular detailing and is not too heavy looking.
Pair it with a flowy dress like this one from Diane on Furstenberg to make it a truly royal outfit.
Apparently, not only is Kate stunning, but she knows how to have fun too, without pulling a Lindsay Lohan when walking out of the cubs. She clearly doesn't take herself too seriously here--large prints on dresses always make for a fun princess.
Try these dresses from Anthropologie.
Someone is taking a cue from the frummie contingent, and is sporting some black tights with black boots and a lot of other black. Lucky for Kate though, she takes bold prints and adds some color to her outfits. I've said it so many times, so take a cue from me too, k?
This skirt from ASOS (which sells the Brand Whistles btw--it's a British company) is cute. That leggy model probably does not do the knee length action justice.
Talk about the epitome of effortless chic! I saved the best for last because I have no words to sum up how much I love this outfit. Kate, can I please be you? That chiffon looks like chocolate to me in that I need it now.  I believe I have failed you, my dear readers, because I cannot even find pieces online that remotely emulate this outfit, but what I can tell you is to focus on keeping things neutral to be effortlessly chic, because the main pieces (sweater, necklace, bag, etc.) make a loud statement. Grays are huge this season, so take advantage of that; plus you already know my sentiments about things that glitter.
Dear Kate Middleton, I wish you an William much nachas on your engagement and upcoming marriage. I hope that women the world over take after your impeccable style, and I hope that you somehow read this blog and give me your hand-me-downs. AMEN.

P.S. I won't say no to a wedding invitation. 

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