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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear H&M, When Did You Get So Expensive?

After perusing the racks at few of my regular haunts with no success, I passed an H&M and thought to myself, "Why did I stop shopping here?" Then I walked inside and it all became clear to me; somewhere along the road of the past 7 years, H&M decided it was a good move to jack up their prices for cheaper quality clothing.

Well, here's what I say to you H&M: I have a new best friend and her name is Forever21. She has better prices, better selection, cuter clothing, and by far the best, cheap accessories ever. She makes me feel good about shopping, which is something you haven't done for me in years! You never listen to what I want, you're sloppy, and while your clothes are damn cute, I prefer wearing something that will last longer than 4 and a half minutes and didn't cost me 90 bucks.

Now, I know what you all are thinking--"Isn't Forever21 that trashy store at Kings Plaza Mall?" Going to Forever21 for a frummie used to be like walking into unholy territory (or immodest at the very least); you would be hard-pressed to find anything tzniut there. Well, times are a changing, ladies, and the less-is-more concept is making serious waves--score! Not only does F21 have more than enough three-quarter tops and knee length skirts that are completely work appropriate, but they have a huge selection of Shabbat clothing in in their slightly more expensive, but still completely reasonably priced 'Twelve by Twelve' line. The giddiness has overcome me, and I can no longer walk out of that store without spending at least 50 dollars each time. Dang, it's good I have a job.

My personal favorite line is their Love21 line. The quality of the clothing is much better and the overall effortless look to the line is chic and comfortable.Take a look at their website for absolutely adorbs clothing; trust me, you'll be saying buh-bye to H&M pretty fast (sorry to all my Israeli friends who only just got H&M in Israel this year--you can have her though). Not to mention, the store has cleaned up pretty nicely in the past few months, and they revamped their whole look. Can you say classy?

So H&M, it looks like we're no longer friends. Your elitism just got in the way of my bargain hunting, so I think it's best we part ways. Excuse me now while I go make a new secret best-friend-handshake with Miss F21.



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