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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Racey Lacey--Not So Racey!

I have been so impressed lately with Michelle Williams, as previous posts have no doubt indicated. She's classy, cute and modest in a modern day, Herve-Lerger-form-fitting-only Hollywood. The Mich wore this stunner of a lace dress to a recent premier of hers, and she's SO close to complete tzniut, it's ridic. At first glance you think, "Hey, that's pretty covered up"... until you see the exposed midriff/backwards cleavage action going on in the torso area. But I'll give her points anyway for being totally awesome.

It seems this lacey skin-baring/negligee-exposing trend  is popular, because check out Jessica Biel in this almost tzniut number at a Glamour Magazine event. Kristen Cavallari (below Jessica--where she belongs) dares to bare all in what would seem like a perfectly modest dress...had her bra and panties (and then some) not been completely exposed to the world. Lace used to be defined as the utmost respectable, romantic and classic fabric, and these women kind of just said to hell with that. Unless your definition of romantic means a quickie in the bathroom at some club, this just ain't romantic.

So how can you do lace in a more modest fashion? Well, here are a few options for you. Now, this first dress from Neiman Marcus is a bit pricey, and also a bit short, but that model is especially leggy, so I'm feeling a little hit-the-knee action for you run-of-the-mill shorty Jewesses. (Yes, I'm blessed with my complete lack of height.)

This dress from Talbot's, is a bit on the softer side in the lace department, but still hits all the right notes, without looking like the doily your grandma wears to shul. I'm kinda loving this one, and you should too!

Finally, some of you may kill me for this one, but it happens to be my favorite. Now, cleavage baring aside (a camisole will rectify that little dilemma), this dress from ASOS is SO pretty, especially for a wedding or occasion. And it's mad affordable (plus free shipping on the website, both ways--just sayin!) The lace is subtly done, and the dress has great movement (you can watch a runway clip by images section on the site).

So what did we learn today, ladies? Lace can be sexy and modest when done right. Please don't go out looking like a hooker (ahem, Kristen Cavalarri) with your midriff exposed through barely there lacey underthings being used as dresses. Romance is NOT dead, (although a few past relationships might support the contrary), so go get your lace on, and keep Victoria's Secret a secret.


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