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Friday, October 29, 2010

And That's Why I Love...

Forever21! I had an entire post not too long ago about how amazing and revolutionary this store has become. And now you know my secret to where I got these fabulous, amazing, and believe or not, super comfortable booties. Only one person (mad shout out to M. Scharf) guessed, and even though he doesn't win a prize, he deserves recognition. P.S. Scharf, love the boots you showed me.

So how much did they cost, you ask? $29.98. Hells to the yes!

Perfect for Fall, these booties are great to wear at work and transition wonderfully to the nighttime. And, since they  cost about the same as 4 Starbucks' coffees, you have a great seasonal pair of shoes that you can always get rid of in a year or two, without feeling guilty. WIN!

Now, pardon me while I got strut my stuff, Forever21 style.



  1. But what can you really pair them with? I've found that they look ok with tights, but best with long skirts. What do you suggest?

  2. I'm turning into a huge long skirts gal myself, so definitely pair these with the long skirt. I wear these to work with a knee length skirt, and find that they look great with sweater dresses too. I would be careful with anything that is too A-line--these tend to look better with straighter skirts. I would also suggest a nice fall coat or leather bomber jacket with them too; I think that would really complete the look. (P.S. I am doing a long skirts post coming up, so thanks for mentioning it!)


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