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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OK, ladies, time to do a little closet check. It's you know where your cardigans are?

That's right. This little piece of clothing is such a must have because it completes any outfit. Long, short, purple, or green, no matter the style, a cardigan is such a fashion essential, that you would be committing a crime by not wearing one all the time.

For the office, it's def a more casual take on the suit blazer, so if you're not into the buttoned up, 9-5 look, the cardigan is the answer to all your official fashion prayers. It's layering capabilities are limitless and you can accessorize the hell out of one with jewelry, pins, and belts. Take a boring black outfit and pop on a colored cardigan to revive your humdrum outfit. Yes, I just used the word humdrum.

(*All these Cardigans are from Ann Taylor LOFT because today they are having a Sweater sale, so make sure you shop*)

Make a bold statement in this blotted cardigan, and belt it like the model did for a truly tailored look.

Add a pop of shine with this sequin embellished cover-up.

Break out your inner animal in this ridiculously adorable leopard print cardi. Debbie likey.

Long is luxurious with this cute sweater that will be perfect for covering up those love handles...that you just don't love.

Add a little romance with ruffles with this cardigan that comes in a bajillion (yes, that means seven) colors.
Wear your cardis over dresses, blouses or any tops you see fit, like these famous faces.

See how Reese Witherspoon puts the perfect finishing touches here? Reese's pieces rock (that fedora is amazing and her shoes are to die for. Debbie wants.)--yes I did just make a really bad reese's pieces joke. Did you catch it?

First lady Michelle Obama takes cardigans to a whole new level in every way, shape, form, and color. This is the only time I will support an Obama, so good on ya, Mrs. O.

So are you ready to get classy in a cardi? 

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