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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tulle Cool For School

I would just like to state for the record, that while I am not a ballerina, I fully intend on dressing like one.Yes, I'm sort of a sucker for tulle, and a recent string of Hollywood starlets have been seen prancing around our fine country (GO VOTE TODAY) in stunning ballerina-esque  pieces.

Check out these famous faces sporting some mighty frum looks (minus Rihanna's plunging neckline, but you can easily rectify that situation). Kiera exudes classy in an non-extravagant version of her ballerina look; the longer length of the skirt makes her look super elegant. (Longer length skirts are in, FYI, so keep an eye out for them.)
RiRi takes a more playful approach with her look, and she is even daring to pull of white--scandalous. But let's be honest--what can't she pull off? Even though she's looking strikingly Madonna-like circa "Like A Virgin", Rihanna looks super cute and covered-up (by Rihanna standards) with her dress and denim vest, blending casual and elegant.

Since we can't all be international superstars or Academy Award Nominees, let's try some items that are much more understated, but just as chic. Just for your general info, the whole tulle-peeking-out-of-the-bottom-of-a-dress/skirt look is way past over, and sort of died in 2001. If you want to pull of the tulle look, try and be a bit more daring. Try a skirt like this which will hit the knee for most of you--again being short is a blessing.
For a longer length (super cute), try this skirt from White House Black Market
This last piece I cannot vouch for the tzniut factor, but I'm thinking it should hit the knee, and is worth a shot. Pair this with a cute cardi for an occasion, or dress it down with denim jacket or blazer, and you're super fierce.
So, my little ballerinas. I hope you have a fantastic time with tulle. While you may hate me for this post, don't pretend you don't wish they made those cute tulle/ballerina dresses and skirts for kids in adult sizes. Admit it. Also, keep in mind that tulle is probably not safe for the office, but make it work for an occasion or the weekend.

Please have an editing eye when you wear this material, because there is a very strong possibility you will look foolish when done wrong. And make sure you don't actually do pink tulle, because then you really will look like a ballerina. No. Just don't.Yes, Miriam, my sister, I am talking to you.


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  1. Most famous tulle moment...SJP opening creds for SATC :) here's shout out to her!!


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