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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stop it, Hollywood. Just Stop.

Recognize that horrendous dress Jessica Biel has on? That's right, that's the dress I showed you last week in the LACE post. News flash: it's still ugly. Ugh, and now it's reproduced and had hideous offspring in the names of SJP and Carey Mulligan. So close to being pretty, Sarah's and Carey's dresses have gorgeous silhouettes and modest coverage...aside from the whole bra exposure thing! (Just FYI, the model who wore SJP's dress in the runway show did NOT wear a bra. Google it.)  This is like the mullet of dresses--business on the bottom, party on the top...or rather lingerie on top; or an S&M getup. You pick.

Close ladies, but no cigar. You'll regret these choices in 5 years from now, and hopefully by then I will be some famous Hollywood stylist, and I will show you what NOT to wear.

Here are these fabulous ladies on some better frum fashion days. 

 I beg of you all to please dress the way your heart desires, just please don't dress like a trollop. Those last three pictures show you can really be stylish and modest without showing skin that was meant to be UNDER wraps. Shame on you Hollywood for ruining lace for me; I am however loving the tweed. Work it, Carey.


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