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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 If there is one thing us Hebrews know well, it’s Middle Eastern desert animals. Fortunately for the fashion community, they have caught up as well, and they have fallen in love with a nondescript color called Camel. Israelites rejoice, because this camel does not need to transport your goods for 40 years through a desert. Phew.

Instead, Camel is appearing in all sorts of clothing items and accessories from skirts, to shoes, to tops, and most especially coats. The camel coat is a season must have this year, and with all these crazy sales this week, your resident fahsionista is recommending you snatch one up.

This coat form Bloomingdales has the rougher, military inspired look, but retains the femininity with its light, camel color. Perfect for everyday or Shabbat. Sure, it's a bit pricey, but well worth the investment. I'm not in finance, but I know a good buy when I see one, and this coat will last a lifetime--or until you spill red wine on it. 

This next coat is meant to be a showstopper, so if you’re feeling in the mood to be the center of attention, BUY IT. It’s French Connection and it’s utterly stunning. Shorties (ie: me) may have some trouble with the length, but I’ve also been blessed with a love for 4 inch heels, so shouldn’t be too much of problem.

While the Camel coat is the must-have, feel free to branch out into other items like this sweater from LOFT. This sweater is so ridiculously adorable that I may want to have its babies. The color would look awesome with any skin tone. Ordering one as we speak.  


As for skirts, this pencil one will give you a figure you never knew you had. When you catch that cutie eyeing you from across the cubicle, you'll know exactly what I mean. P.S. Don't forget to wink back at him.

Aside form the fact that this cross-body is on sale (I'm your fairy godmother, aren't I? Only a little less "bibidi-bobidi-boo" and a tad more "Hell yes, that was cheap"), it's classic and will never, ever, not even in a bajillion years go out of style. Take it everywhere you go and when people compliment you on it, you can say you got it from your fairy godmother. They may look at you like you're crazy, but crazy with style.

I don't think this is what God had planned for Camels, but I think we got past the whole nomad thing, and we can finally take camel to a new level. Remember, Camel is a neutral so don't be afraid to pair it with bold colors. It goes with anything.

So, raise your hand if a camel has spit in your face, btw. Ya, I'm raising my hand right now. I can guarantee you none of these items will spit in your face. You're welcome for that.


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