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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lifestyles of the Cheap and Not So Famous

I've decided to share will all my loyal readers, male and female alike, my absolute fav websites for bargain hunting. It's no secret that Jews have a reputation for being cheap (not true at all, and I would like to thank Sara Silverman, comedienne extraordinaire, for debunking that myth in a recent Judd Apatow produced satiric PSA for the AJWS--see it here. It's quite hysterical).

Bargain hunting is a universal concept--it's not like Macy's makes blowout sales just for the Jews; everyone loves cheap stuff, which is why there has been a huge, recent surge of sample sale websites that sell major (and not so major) labels for ridiculously discounted prices. Odds are you will need to register for these sites before you can see their sales, and if you need an invite (for which some you do), just leave a comment, and I can gladly send you one to the ones you want.

Let's start with one of the the originals. GILT. Their sales start at 12 noon everyday, and they tend to carry more expensive designers, but at decent prices. They also have Jewelry sales, and men's clothing.

This next site,  Ideeli, is my favorite, because their prices are a lot more reasonable than Gilt's, and they carry as much designer clothing as they do casual, everyday clothing. Their shipping is mad expensive (minimum $10!) but they always have such a wide variety, that if you buy more than one thing, it's worth it. Their sales also start at 12 PM, and they too carry a wide variety of items besides clothing for men and women, including jewelry, kids clothing, and kitchen and home items.

Beyond the Rack is another site that has great sales, and usually carries more casual clothing than they do designer, high-end. Their sales start at 11 AM, and they always have like 10 sales happening at once, with a lot of the sales resembling Ideeli.

RueLaLa is one of the more famous sites, and the sales start at 11 AM. Additionally, on Sunday night they have a 'Styleathon' where they have these flash sales with deeper discounted prices, probably on stuff that hadn't sold in earlier sales.

If you have a larger budget and want to spend more money (which I know you don't), I'm partial to ShopBop. They aren't a sample sale site like the others I mentioned, but they have some major designers for deeply discounted prices.

Fabulousness certainly does not come cheap, but you know what does? Miley Cyrus. Oops. Was that too mean? I mean she is kinda cheap looking, no? In any case, make sure you utilize these websites to their fullest extent. There are quite a few treasures to be found on these sites, so just make sure you check back everyday to see their new sales.

Sorry Miley, I didn't mean to offend you; it's just that for a kajillionaire under the age of 18, you do wear very little clothing, and since you can afford it, do us a favor and get dressed.


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