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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday. Holla!

The mecca of days is upon us! BLACK FRIDAY. The day sounds rather ominous, but in fact it entails such jubilation, that my wallet can hardly contain it. Down Mastercard, down! Good boy.

So ya'll ready to get your crazy on? I feel like Monica in that episode of Friends when she goes to look for her wedding dress at the Filene's basement sale. Whistles at the ready, peeps, because we is abouts to get crazy up in here! Here we go...

40% off your entire purchase on Friday, but today (Thursday) you can take 20% off your entire online purchase with code GAPTHANKS (Sale ends Thursday night).

Old Navy
Sale starts on Thursday (today!) and is open at 12 AM on Friday morning. Everything is on sale.

Banana Republic
They are doing a "Not Black Friday" Sale on December 3 (next Friday) because they feel their core customers don't show up on the actual Black Friday, and would rather keep the savings for a less busy day. Let's see how that one turns out. Elitists.

Ann Taylor LOFT
40% off your entire purchase in-store, and online use the redemption code ENJOY to get your discount (you can do the same today). FYI, free shipping on orders over $125 or more (losers--make it free shipping!).

J. Crew
40% off all the online factory outlet's items. Not too shabby! Click here for the outlet. And, if you spend a $125, use the promo code TURKEY for 25% off your entire order. That starts today, too!

The department store sales are way too vast to list, so if you intend on making an appearance, here are their door-busting time openings and some specials.

Lord & Taylor
Opens at 5:00 AM and the first 500 shoppers in stores get a free $20 gift card. Use promo code THANKS to get 15% off online, even today.

Opens at 4:00 AM. Click here to print an in-store savings pass--just enter your zip code and print out the savings!

Opens at 8:00 AM, and on top of all their sales, you can take $25 of every $200 you spend automatically.

They kind of suck and are not having any major sales-- up 50% off your purchase depending on what you buy. Pitiful. Nordstrom Rack, however, is bowing out their inventory with 30% off already reduced prices, but in-store only, so try and stop by there instead. Suckity sucks.

Opens at 4:00 AM (with door-buster deals expiring at 1:00 PM).

Century 21
Print this coupon to get some great deals.

Opens at 6:00 AM and the first 400 customers get a free $20 coupon.

French Connection
Up to 40% of with the online promo code FCBFFS plus free shipping.

Urban Outfitters
Super sale, and you can use the online promo code GIFTED for 10% off your purchase. Plus free shipping with promo code GETSTUFFED! (That includes today!)

Forever 21
Today they are having a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sale on all their sale apparel. You're better off doing this shopping online, because their stores can get messy. Nothing to report for Black Friday though. Boo.

They are reducing a lot of their items to just $5.

Victoria's Secret
Double points on all purchases with your Vicki's card on Black Friday, plus a free Supermodel tote with $60 purchase (and free shipping with purchase of $50 or more online).

These are just some basics, but if you have any other stores you want deals for, I can find out. I'm amazing like that. Good luck, and don't forget to bring a buddy to these things. If anyone gets in your way, remember--USE YOUR ELBOWS. Hitting the face is a no-no, but totally feel free to aim low if you need to--that dress was yours first! ( I do not condone violence.)


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