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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Floral Item of the Day

Ha. If ever there was a sweater meant for the frum girl it's this one. We frummies have a tendency to wear oversize floral items in every place imaginable; be it in the hair, on our skirts or on our sweaters, oversized botanical adornments are "our" thing, so this sweater seemed apt for an Item of the Day post. Be that as it may, this sweater happens to be freakishly adorable if you like this sort of thing. I picture this sweater with a fantabulous pencil skirt for the bootie-endowed, or a really a-line and flouncy skirt for the flirty girl in you. Either way, you will look ever the sophisticated woman with just a touch of juvenile whimsy. Can't compete with that.Remember-- we own this.
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