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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Full Outfit! Items of the Day

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. I LOVE when stores do all the work for me, and as always, J. Crew comes through for me. This whole outfit out together by J. Crew has me so smitten with delight that I simply had to feature the whole shebang, and not just one of the pieces. It has everything I (and you should) love in a good outfit: well fitted clothes, modest meeting points on both top and bottom, graphic prints (that are mixed!) and an an overall chic look that is ready-to-wear! The pieces are both interchangeable with other tops and bottoms from your local non J. Crew retailer, which makes these otherwise somewhat pricey items kind of worth it. The small print on top will minimize any trouble areas, while the bold graphic on the bottom should balance you out. This look is geometric, fun and classy. Be daring, be bold and be awesome in this gorgeous outfit!
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