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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Modest Hollywood

There is something to  be said for the Fall months, and that's mostly with regard to the freakishly awesome clothing that comes with the drop in temperature. Naturally, I have an affinity for some of these more than others, but on the whole these women are dressed to the Autumn nines.As always, my favorite comes in the form of a one Miss Jessica Alba, whose wardrobe never fails to make me green with envy. Dare this humble blogger call her style even remotely close to Jessica's but for all intents and purposes, she's my style icon. As for Rosario Dawson and Naomi Watts. Well... nice try. 

Emmy Rossum

Chloe Moretz

Demi Lovato 

Jessica Biel 

Julianne Moore

Kiera Knightley

Ashley Greene

Debra Messing 

Elizabeth Hurley

Elle Fanning

Jenny McCarthy 

Jessica Alba

Kate Middleton

Kate Upton

Lena Dunham

Naomi Watts

Nicole Kidman

Rosario Dawson

Sienna Miller

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