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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Knit Item of the Day

Coziness! Name me one person in this world who doesn't love to be wrapped up in all kinds of cozy? That's what I thought-- zero. Because EVERYONE loves some good cozy time now and again, which is why I decided that this sweater needed to be an Item of the Day. Points for cuteness, points for functionality, points for color options, points for design, and last but not least, extra bonus points for being a big, mushy, cushy, pile of coziness. Picture wearing this to work, to school, on a date, out with the hubby, to a holiday party, on thanksgiving--are you getting where I am going with this? You can wear it everywhere except a wedding; you would look stupid in this sweater at a wedding. Contrasting lines and patterns spell fabulosity for this sweater (even though fabulosity is not even a word thereby defeating the whole spelling issue, but you know what I mean) so make sure you get your hands on this one!
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