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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Golden Globes 2013 - Best & Worst Dressed!

What a crop of gowns this year. I dare say there is a significant amount of dislikes in this year's dresses, but the beauties this year go to the graphic dresses that are beyond words. Adele. Oh Adele. And Helen Mirren. The two classiest broads in the house were, of course, British beauties who don't fit in to the typical size 2 supermodel stereotype. Although she wasn't always a favorite of mine, Anne Hathaway was classic and gorgeous tonight, which is why she deserves more than ever to be on this list. One of my ultimate icons, Miss Jessica Alba always shines in my book (the woman can do NO wrong), and Lena Dunham (that dress!) round out my top 5 for best dressed. Other best dressed stars that deserve seriously honorable mentions include Naomi Watts, Morena Baccarin and Kate Hudson.
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 Helen Mirren
Name me one other woman at her age who can rock a gown this way. She's timeless.

Be still my heart Adele. Motherhood seems to more than agree with you. Absolutely freaking fabulous. Fummies, take note. This is how you show up to a party. 

 Anne Hathaway
Dear Anne. You have carved your way into my heart and now I can't let you ago. I know you don't remember me, but I saw you downtown once about 7 years ago. I was wearing the denim skirt. Yup, that was me. Well, in any case, you rock.

Jessica Alba
She is perfection from head to toe. Up, down and all around. That fur clutch is normally gag-worth, but this dame makes it work.

Lena Dunham
Have you honestly taken a second to look at the stellar structure of this dress? Have you?? Take a close look. Wipe your chin. Gasp in awe. Repeat.

Honorable best dressed mentions:

And now for the worst dressed. You really have to wonder why these women make the choices that they do. I know I have absolutely no right to talk considering I have absolutely no say in anything and they are rich powerful celebrities who have done this a million times before. But still, this boggles my mind every year. Why ladies, why?


Marion Cotillard
This disappointed me in way that I cannot describe. Wait-- maybe I can describe it. It's like a melting creamsicle. Yea...that pretty much describes it. 

Kaley Cuoco
The truth is, the dress is not so bad, but overall this just ain't a pretty picture. Dress is too low, lips to dark, hair too blah. 

Rachel Weisz
There is so much wrong with this dress, I don't even want to talk about it. I have pajamas that are nicer than that dress. The tagline for this dress may as well read "coming to Forever 21 stores near you."

Sienna Miller
To the flower garden that had to die to make this dress. The world apologizes. Also, Laura Ashley called and she wants her 90's style back.

Jennifer Lopez
I suppose I should preface this by saying that this dress is not terrible and not the absolute worst I have ever seen. I just think that it was the completely wrong choice for Jennifer. I don't think it is particularly flattering. Then again, what the hell do I know? I wear slippers that have panda bears on them and she is wearing a practically nude dress in public. She's Jennifer Lopez and I am nobody. I shall shut up now.
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