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Sunday, January 27, 2013

SAG Awards 2013 - BEST Dressed! And Worst.

My best dressed of the night. This is always a personal choice, of course, but I challenge you to find me 5 better dressed, more poised, exquisite ladies who walked this glamorous red carpet tonight. The SAG Awards are always a more chilled out event where the actors come together to celebrate their own work and the work of their peers, so it's no wonder that the five best dressed women of the night in my eyes arrived in classic colors, silhouettes and overall looks. Brava ladies. You stole the show. Especially Amanda Seyfried and Marion Cotillard. Marion, your dress completes me.
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Amanda Seyfried
Stellar. She was perfection tonight and I don't think this picture her does her close to the justice she looked like in person. Not that I was there. I'm just saying.

Marion Cotillard
She was ridiculously sick, as in flu sick. That's what she looks like sick as a dog. Life if so unfair. That dress is undeniably breathtaking.

Jennifer Lawrence
It's not her best but it's certainly a best of the night. It's classic, it's different and she looks freaking phenomenal in it.

Amy Poehler
Anything funny I try to say would not be fair because she is like the funniest person alive. And I am not. So, Amy, you look really really pretty. That's all.

Tina Fey
Glamorous. She's also really funny, so I won't even attempt to say something humorous. 

And now for the worst. I think the fundamental issue with these ladies was their chests. It was just the overarching issue here, except for Julianna Margulies who I am trying desperately to figure out, but can't.


Sigourney Weaver
Congratulations on achieving the ultimate uni-boob. Way to live up to the matronly expectation.

Julianna Margulies
Meh, whatever. I would critique this, but I could care less about this dress.  It reminds me of a Salt N' Peppa music video, hair and all. The shoes are nice though.

Naya Rivera
Please put those things away. Put this dress away. Turn around, go home, and change.

Jayma Mays
Please contact your costar Naya Rivera (above). She will take you bra shopping. Did you and Sigourney Weaver (also above) get dressed together?

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