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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Modest Hollywood

Celebrities! They're just like us! Only not. In fact, they are nothing like us-- at least not their wardrobe. Other than Drew Barrymore (who I am trying to figure out desperately), most of these ladies are dressed to the nines. I love love love (emphasis on the love) Jessica Alba's post globes ensemble, and I love the casual cool of Selena Gomez's maxi look. Dita Von Teese is dressed to perfection (naturally), and I can't help but adore the soft romantic looks that Amber Heard, Chrissy Teigen and Julianne Hough sprang for. My favorite is definitely Elena Preminova though-- girl's got game. Well done ladies of Hollywood, well done.
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Rita Ora

Diane Kruger

Hailee Steinfeld 

Elena Preminova

Dita Von Teese 

Minnie Driver

Leelee Sobieski

Kim Kardashian

Livia Firth 

Daphne Guiness

Selena Gomez

Amber Heard
Rosario Dawson

Frieda Pinto 

Nicole Richie

Drew Barrymore 

Eva Mendez 

Helen Mirren

Jessica Alba

Chrissy Teigen

Julianna Hough

Katherine Heigel

Kerry Washington

Ashley Madewke

Kristen Bell

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