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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Modest Hollywood

Awards season is upon us!! Are you prepared for my Golden Globes post tonight? It's sure to be a winner! (pun intended)

In the meantime, I think you readers are more than deserving of a long overdue Modest Hollywood post. All the pre-award luncheons, dinners, teas and award shows make for a dizzying amount of pre-glam fashion fabulousness with an extra touch of modesty. I mean, are you getting a good look at all the long sleeve, high-collared, knee length frocks. Winning. I have quite a few favorite in this bunch of gorgeous gals, but I must say that Rashida Jones' dress and overall look takes my OAKie this week. I can't deny my love for Jerry Washington, Abigail Spencer and Rachel Weisz. They're all winners in my book today.
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Rashida Jones

Anne Hathaway

Kerry Washington 

Beth Ostrosky Stern 

Abigail Spencer

Cate Blanchett

Florence Welch

Ellen Pompeo

Kate Bosworth 

Ginnifer Goodwin 

Helen Mirren 

Katy Perry 

Sienna Miller 

Mena Suvari 

Olga Kurylenko 

Mirnada Kerr

Rachel Weisz 

Morena Baccarin

Rebel Wilson

Mary Elizabeth Winstead 

Ashley Madekwe

Eva Longoria

Jamie King

Jennifer Lawrence

Rachel Bilson

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