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Friday, January 11, 2013

Kate's Royal Portrait Dress

I'm back, y'all! I had the most AMAZING time in Europe. I have fully adopted a British accent and I am not dead broke (damn the Pound). Now if you were wondering if I bumped into Kate and Wills at all, the answer is, very sadly, no. I harassed many a British guard to direct me to their location, but alas, I was brutally rebuffed (thanks to Cher Horowitz for that gem of a line). Not to worry though, I am already planning a return trip to the mother country, so I will keep you all updated on future royal watch.

A special congratulations goes out to our beloved Kitty Kat for the whole preggers/turning 31/getting her portrait made! This classy lady has got to be one of the coolest chicks in the world (ever), and I'm not just saying that because I wish I was princess. She maintains such a modest lifestyle and wardrobe, despite her position. To her portrait unveiling this morning that took place int he National Portrait Gallery in Central London (PS I was just there last week #dying) Kate wore this fabulous deep red dress. Seriously, she is pregnant? With what baby? Damn, Gina.


Wanna copy the Duchess' freakishly awesome style? Bonus: you don't have to be pregnant. This dress from ASOS is near identical, sheer sleeves and all. Add a black belt for a real look alike, but this dress from ASOS has you set for true royal style. You see? TWINS!

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