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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Perfect Item of the Day

Oh, hey skirt that only costs $25 but looks way more expensive. Nice to meet you. You will become everyone's new best friend from here on in. You will be there unconditionally no matter what the occasion, because that's what you do when you are as perfect as you. You are a new twist on an old classic. You seem to hug all the right spots, and hang just loose enough to not be considered a trollop. You come in black as well as two flattering, eye-popping colors that will certainly please. You fit all women of all sizes with ease... and make them look day-um! (read: damn) good. You have the professionalism of the office with flounce of a flirty french girl without a care in the world. You will be the go-to piece in the closet when your best friend has absolutely nothing to wear. You will be her 'front-line' skirt for all the big and important days, meetings, decisions and dates. Essentially you will rule the world. Thanks for that. XOXO Deb.
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