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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Striped Item of the Day

The days has come. It has finally arrived. It is here. No, not election day, but that's here too, so you should probably go do something about that. No, this is a much bigger day. A day of epic proportions. What is it, you ask?'s the day I take fashion advice from my sister.                  

(long pause)                       

I know. Right? But alas, the day has come when I actually liked something my twin sister bought so much that I felt compelled to post it as an item of the day. This multi-directional striped skirt from Loft is the perfect piece for the office, and it looks really freakin awesome on her (don't tell her I said so). It will go with any color or your standard black and white fare. It's got a great fit, and the heavier material is perfect for your fall winter wardrobes. So go ahead and vote today, but then go and buy this skirt. And when you're done, go home an hug your sister. It's that kind of day.
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