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Sunday, February 24, 2013

OSCARS 2013 - BEST and WORST Dressed!

The best and worst dressed. Sometimes these lists are easier for me to make, others more difficult. This year was mad difficult for the best dressed because there were so many gowns that were the pinnacle of perfection. But alas, best dressed goes to the best over all look, including gown, hair, makeup, and all the metaphoric jazz. This year certainly held a crop of fabulously dressed women but several of these stood out above and beyond the rest. As for the worst dressed...see below (the bar).
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Naomi Watts
Name me one thing wrong with this look, and I will slap you. No really, I will. She is ethereal, fantasmical and everything an Oscar nominated woman should be. Work it!

Jennifer Garner
Bridesmaids, take note. This will be the color of your next dress, take my word. Jen embodies old Hollywood glam meets risky business. She looks positively regal!

Jennifer Hudson
For a lady who is not even nominated she sure makes sure this show is about her. This Roberto Cavalli gown is the bee's knees for me. 

This new mama makes motherhood look so ridiculously good. She also gives the porcelain skinned women of the world a role model to work off of. What bronzer?

 Amanda Seyfried
Young Hollywood in a single look. She is the epitome of perfection in her Alexander McQueen custom made gown, and she is everything a young actress should be. Fabulous.

Honorable best dressed mentions must go to Samantha Barks for taking the biggest risk on the red carpet tonight. And then Charlize Theron. She can do no wrong, and with a pixie cut like that, she basically rocked the red carpet. 

Worst dressed can also be kind of a difficult list to make because sometimes the badness is kind of subtle. And sometimes not. See Melissa McCarthy.


Melissa McCarthy
This is not supposed to happen. Not on the red carpet. I am pretty sure that is a glorified bedazzled t-shirt and horrifically bad 80's blowout. In other words, that was my prom night. Why, Sookie, why??

Renee Zelwegger
Gosh, Renee, don't look so pissed. If you didn't want to go to the Oscars, you could have just given me your ticket. McKayla Maroney would not be impressed. Apparently neither are you from the look on your face.

Salma Hayek
Marge Simpson couture, ladies and gentlemen.

Jane Fonda
Ahh, my eyes! Honestly, I don't know how I am going to recover form this. Someone please get me Delorean so I could send this back to before my time.

Zoe Saldana
To be fair, I don't totally and completely hate this dress, I just dislike it greatly. I don't think it's Oscar worthy at all. The belt is way too casual and while the effects on the top and bottom of the dress are both gorgeous (Zoe loves her ombre), the two do not match at all and make for a very confusing picture. This is a dress with an identity crisis. Pretty face though, so there's that. 
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  1. Melissa McCarthy outfit looks so beautiful

  2. Hello! I have to say I enjoy your blog -- it's so hard sometimes to be modest yet modern and stylish, and I'm glad I can look here for ideas! Now I need some fashion advice (about what to wear for pesach seder), and I think you'd be the perfect person to help! Can you email me so I can ask you my question please? Thank you so much in advance! (a c a m p @ h a w a i i . e d u) <-- no spaces


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