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Sunday, February 24, 2013

OSCARS 2013! - Go Into the Light

And God said let there be light! And so there was. And apparently these women got the message, and they delivered in a BIG way! Such a variety of silhouettes through the prism of these light and airy hues  which is probably the most exciting part of all the dresses we have seen tonight. I love how all these dresses have their own personality and identity, complimentary to the women who are wearing them. What a fabulous night for the ladies in light. So who will be on the best dressed? Stick around!
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Jennifer Lawrence

Amanda Seyfried

Amy Adams

Kristen Stewart

Charlize Theron

Zoe Saldana

Queen Latifah

Jessica Chastain

Catherine Zeta Jone

Octavia Spencer

Ann Hathaway
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