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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Big Bang!

Yesterday was a really exciting day for me because on a whim, I posted my blog on Mayim Bialik's wall... and she wrote back to me!!

It wasn't for a plug or publicity at all, but because I genuinely thought Mayim would be interested in what my blog had to offer. For those of you who don't know who Mayim is, she's a fabulous actress who I used to watch as a kid on Blossom, and now get to watch as an adult on The Big Bang Theory (an Emmy winning show!) She also happens to be a religious Jew and a fan of this little thing we call modesty, and that's genuinely why I shared my blog with her, and am happy to say she likes it!

I spend a lot of time on Modest Hollywood picking out the girls who one day decided to put on a long sleeved shirt and a skirt, but Mayim makes a conscious effort to dress the part (pun intended) on a daily basis. Her Emmy dress wowed last week, and deserves a post all it's own!

Thanks for being a fan, Mayim, and thanks for staying true to your beliefs in a town and business as tough as yours.

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  1. I love Mayim Bialik as both an actress and a person.....she's really nice to her fans....

  2. I will always be a Bialik fan but Debbie no comments on Lena Headey's Emmy outfit? A black dress & hot pink heals - it was pretty awesome!

  3. Mayim rocks. She's just one of those fabulous people - genuine, smart, funny, beautiful, and a seemingly great mom - that you can look at and say "See? Hollywood isn't ALL bad" and not be holding up a sarcasm sign while saying it.

  4. The Maven said it all..I must add Great Performance TBBT..Our Thursday's at 8PM in VT BTW You Look Beautiful..But Like your Regular Life Clothes as well..Happy Rosh Hashanah...Very Special


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