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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Golden Delicious

The New Year fashions continue, and I've put together this little collection of tops that shine like the Waterford ball that drops on that other new year. Yes, you will certainly sparkle, glimmer and glow in these golden pieces that are sure to get your [apple] juices flowing. (Keep in mind that many of these are shorter sleeves so you may opt to wear a kiki riki underneath)

Bonus? Almost every single one is under 100 bucks face value, and each one has some sort of sale or promo code to apply, so make sure you look those up for some extra savings, and then give the difference to tzedakah!

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Factory goldenrod brocade top
Make sure to use the code SHOPNOW when you check out to get 30% off, plus free shipping on all orders! Mine is already in the mail!

So shine on my little OAKies, and keep checking back for more frum fashions for your holidays!
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