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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Modest Hollywood never fails to disappoint, and while these posts have been slightly fewer and more far between (sad face) I rarely fail to be impressed. Classy ladies in Hollywood are fantastic on every level-- Eva, Beyonce, Duchess Kate, and dare I say it, Kim Kardashian! Yes, her v-neck is n the pulnge-y side, she's got the modesty thing really going for her! My obsession of the moment is Miss Jennifer Lawrence, fabulous in all ways, shapes, and forms!
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Anna-Sophia Rob


Eva Longoria 

Kate Middleton

Heidi Klum

Hilary Swank

January Jones

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lopez

Kim Kardashian

Lilly Collins

Louise Roe 

Minka Kelly

Olivia Wilde

Kaley Cuoco 

Rachel Zoe 

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