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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Va va voom! So much red in Hollywood this week, and I can't say I hate it! These famous ladies are making their Hollywood rounds in some truly classy and modest outfits. Behold, proof that less is more! There is certainly something to be said about the allure of covering up your body, and the proof is in the pudding with these ladies. My favorites this week are Emily Blunt-- that red lace dress blows my mind-- and I adore Elizabeth Banks and Olivia Wilde as well. Spring is the time to let loose and have fun, and these ladies embraced that wholeheartedly!
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Coby Smulders

Lea Michele

Eliabeth Banks

Elizabeth Olsen

Emily Blunt

Eva Longoria 

Jamie King 

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Biel

Jessie J 

Julia Loius-Dreyfuss

Kate Bosworth

Kelly Osbourne

LeeLee Sobieski

Olivia Wilde

Reese Witherspoon

Jess Weixler

Rooney Mara 

Ginnifer Goodwin

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