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Monday, April 14, 2014

#RoyalTour: Been There, Wore That

So the Duchess strikes again. Or rather, her pants do. And her wedges. And her blazer. Yup, in no less than three days on her world tour, Kate Middleton has managed to recycle articles of clothing that most women wouldn't get caught dead in.

While out on engagements Sunday, Kate Middleton wore a series of different outfits that looked eerily familiar--like she had just worn them the day before or something. Which obviously, she did. There is no question that this brunette beauty pulls of repeat outfits like a pro, but there is something endearing about the economical way in which she packed for this tour. It makes perfect sense to bring one pair of  jeans and one pair of shoes and one blazer on a trip and reuse them. Especially when you have a series of engagements or activities that require so many different types of outfits. It's a boat race, not a fashion show. Today, most women don't think like that that. Let's all take a cue from Her Royal Highness and wear our clothes more than once. Hear hear!

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