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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#RoyalTour: The Royal Playdate in Tory Burch

In a complete departure from all things Kate, the Duchess decided to go with American designer Tory Burch (you know her!) for the royal playdate of the century. Wearing the Paulina dress from Tory's 2014 Resort line, Kate looked positively magnificent. Usually the Princess is keen on choosing British designers to promote the culture and economy of her homeland, but I guess there is a soft spot in her heart for the good old US of A. There is a chance Tory Burch is fist pumping in fits of excitement right now (or whatever Tory Burch does when she gets excited) because this dress will be sold out any minute now (although it's practically off the shelves already), and this is the equivalent of God wearing your clothing.

Prince George looked positively adorable in his Rachel Riley outfit. Oh forget this-- I'm not commenting on the outfit of a kid who can't even walk yet. But man is he cute.

Tory Burch Paulina Dress

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