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Sunday, April 20, 2014

#RoyalTour: The Easter Blues and a Little More Eyelet, Too

As I sit here with my ten year old fashionista niece, I can honestly say that one day in the Jewish world equates to at least 5 outfits in the Kate world. Zehava, as the coolest niece is known, is sitting here with me telling me how beautiful Kate looks in all these modest outfits, and is ranking each of her outfits based on how pretty they are. And we all know that the musings of a ten year-old are always the most definitive.

So while we were all celebrating the holy sabbath on this extremely long Passover holiday, Kate Middleton and her lovely family have been touring the southern hemisphere in style. Pardon me while I catch up.

This rundown of modest outfits is based directly on how much Zehava likes them, so take it as you wish.

First up on the list is this LK Bennet stunner. Yes, those famous shoes come from a designer who has taste in clothes as well. This blue and white dress is perfection. And the navy pumps are back! Sigh.

Next up is the Alex McQueen Easter outfit (HAPPY EASTER TO THOSE READERS CELEBRATING!) Kate wore this morning. Does this woman know how to do blue, or what. Am I right?

Next up is a visit to Canberra (been there!) in a royal (ha!) blue (double ha!) dress courtesy of Stella McCartney. The knockoffs of this dress will be EVERYWHERE this summer, I can assure you. Zehava loved how this dress fit Kate and especially how she matched George.

Last but most certainly not least, Zehava loved this eyelet dress, designed by...a designer that did not want to be named! (The nerve) That is not to say that Zehava liked this dress least, it's just so similar to the white Zimmerman dress from the other day, so she though it was best to switch it up. Kate still looks totally beautiful in this dress and I think it;s officially time ot invest in a three-quarter sleeve eyelet dress and nude wedges. 

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