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Monday, April 7, 2014

#RoyalTour: Welcome Down Under, Kate!

As a person who has been to both Australia and New Zealand, I feel like I really can relate to the Prince and Princess on this journey they're about to embark on over the next three weeks. Lies; they are about to be treated like the elite human beings that they are and I distinctly remember breaking one of my braces while there, so I am pretty sure that they win at the Aussie/NZ excursion.

Kate, her hubby Will, and gorgeous cherub of a child George (all the Georges in the world should thank Will and Kate for bringing that name back in vogue again) all landed in Wellington, New Zealand (been there!) yesterday for the start of their three week tour in the Southern Hemisphere of Awesomeness.

Her outfit is courtesy of Catherine Walker and her diamond encrusted broach is came from her grandmother, the Queen. And let me tell you, no one pulls off a black heel like Miss Middleton. FInd me a young woman who can pull off such a sophisticated outfit and coat better than Kate Middleton. She's the only thirty-something in the world who can make a mature coat-dress look contemporary. Kitty Kat was clearly harkening back to a time where her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana wore red as well. Living legends, people.

More than anything I will treasure the pictures of the Duchess with a bare-assed, tattooed man and her rubbing noses with the old guy. Somethings in life are simply priceless.

Viva la Kate!

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