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Friday, April 11, 2014

#RoyalTour: Princesss Trumps Prince

I know I often allude to the fact that Kate is perfection, and while no one in this world is actually perfect, Kate sorta-kinda is. The woman cannot take a bad picture! And even though she has worn this particular outfit THREE times now (first at the London Olympics in 2012 and then to a Volleyball match at Olympic park this past October--see below), and she has worn these jeans on her Canadian tour as well (also below), Kate still makes the simplicity of a nautical inspired outfit seem fresh and fun.

Proof: even in a wind gust rain boat race the Duchess of Cambridge still managed to keep composure and class while looking beautiful and like a pro. She even beat William three times! We're not shocked by this, although one of these days, Wills is going to have to win.

Gosh darn if this looks like a baseball card worthy photo.

Kate at past events wearing a variation of this outfit, if not the same one!

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