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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Awards Season! Critic's Choice Awards

OK, so you will have bare with me for a brief hiatus in frum fashion to report on full-on Hollywood glamour. Awards season is the only reason why I ever look forward to the months of January and February, so I eat this crap up.

My best/worst dressed lists are renown (in my house), and it's imperative my voice is heard the internet over. Let's start with the Critic's Choice Awards, which were this past Friday night (sucks for us Jews, but apparently not for all the Jews who run Hollywood). (I missed the People's Choice Awards last week, but I will post my Best/Worst list on that when I have nothing better to write about).


Best Dressed of the night:
Emma Stone
She is my best dressed of the critic's choice. Absolutely stunning. The chain halter dress is perfect for the lighter tone of the awards show, and she just emanates beauty. Love, love, love. 

Mandy Moore
She looks so classy and simple for these more lighthearted awards.

Natalie Portman:
Looking better than last week, and hiding that baby-bump perfectly. Totally cute.

Nicole Kidman:
She hasn't been on anyone's best-dressed list since "The Hours". Welcome back, Nikki.

Michelle Williams:
I almost never have anything bad to say about this lovely lady. She looks every bit the classic beauty in this dress.


Amy Adams:
This may be nice for a bar-mitzvah Amy, but no one should have given you permission to exit the house in that to an awards show. Fire your stylist, please, grandma.

 Eva Mendez:
Ew. That's all I have to say. There are so many things wrong with this outfit. What did I say about ruining lace???

Worst Dressed of the night
Julianne Moore
Uch, don't even get me started. You're not a 16 year-old disney star, so why are you insisting on dressing like Miley Cyrus??? Not to mention, those hips don't lie, mostly because your dress accentuates the hell out of them, Jules.


Mila Kunis:
She's just so darn adorable, and because it's the Critic's Choice Awards this dress is ok, but those shoes make me want to gag in a bag. I'll be watching you, Mila.

Kim Kardashian:
She will rarely ever appear on my best dressed list, but this is the best (and classiest) I have seen her look in a long time. 

Tonight are the Golden Globes, so be ready for some true awards season, red carpet glamour. I've got my eye on you, Hollywood, so make me proud!

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