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Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is Why I LOVE ASOS

It's dresses like these that make me appreciate this awesome site. ASOS is a real rags-and-riches store, with prices all over the spectrum to suit every customer. But what is even more awesome (aside from their Zappos-like free shipping both ways to anywhere in the WORLD--do you hear me, my Israeli friends???) are their amazing finds. They have true diamonds in the rough for us religious chicas.

Take this dress, for example; it's super Mad Men-esque... and it comes in two lengths! Now frummies and non-frummies alike can rejoice in the wonders of fashion at the same time without compromise!

Now you can select your size and your length at the same time. Oh, the wonders of keeping the customer's needs in mind! Above all, I hope you are all purchasing this adorable polka dot dress for your springtime wardrobe. It's perfect for the office, and alls ya gots to do it slap a cardi over that sucker and call it an outfit!

Here are a few more awesome dual length options. God bless you, ASOS.


Happy ASOS Shopping!

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