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Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards: Best and Worst

Womp womp. Is it just me, or is this awards season especially boring. I think I almost fell asleep during the SAG Awards Red Carpet. Step up your game, E!

As for the ladies of the evening, some shone (Natalie--simply exquisite), while others fell totally flat (ahem, Amay Adams).

My best and worst:

Natalie Portman
She is so simple and classy here. Infinitely better than the globes dress, Nat.

Diana Agron
Yet again, this newbie impressed me with the dramatic flair and shorter hemline.
VINTAGE CHANEL. Flawless. Give me a second while I wipe up my drool.

Claire Danes/Mila Kunis
Both ladies look SO effortless, the way it should be at the SAG Awards. I LOVE that they both wore prints! I'm a huge fan.


Hailee Steinfeld
MY EYES. I know this little chickadee is only in her early teens, but I am predicting a segment in a magazine in 5 years from now where she will be saying "wtf was I thinking". At least she had fun. 

Christina Hendricks
I am all for the modest look, but Christina Hendricks just disappoints. If you got it (and you're not frum), flaunt it. This is just wrong.

Amy Adams
You are so pretty, Amy Adams, so why do you insist on butchering yourself? I completely disapprove of this dress for you. Fire your stylist asap.


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