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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Things I Learned Abroad

As you can all tell, I recently traveled to several countries on the other side of the world, and I have learned some very valuable fashion lessons. I decided to impart some of my newfound knowledge on you so that you may learn from my ways. Here are ten little doses of small wisdom which I will store for all future excursions, as should you.

Pay attention.

1. Anything that goes in your suitcase will inevitably smell. Cute and adorable clothes included.
2. Black and white never fail in any country.
3. True story: French guys like blondes in cute clothes who travel alone.
4. A packed wardrobe is almost a blessing because you can only choose what to wear from what you brought--and when all else fails (or smells), buy something new.
5. If I had a castle the size of the Louvre museum, I would never have to complain about closet space again.
6. Boots were made for walking; they were also made to keep you warm, which thanks to Banana Republic, I was not. Dear Banana, I want a refund.
7. Kate Moss clothing at TopShop is so severly overpriced.
8. Apparently, it's smart to bring lots of sweaters when it's cold outside. Note to self: just because you're on vacation, it does not mean it will be warm. Buy more sweaters.
9. H&M in Israel is slightly better than America's H&M (fear not Forever21, I won't cheat on you).
10. Wearing skirts on motorbikes make for a very breezy ride (TMI, but truth).

Happy to be back. I missed you all and am ready to serve you frum fashion fabulousness once again!

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