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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And God said, "Let There Be Mode-sty". Can I Get An Amen?

Raise your hand if you shop online? Wait, hold up. Raise your hand if you shop at all? I’m raising both of my hands right now. Now raise your hand if you are that girl who can’t wear anything in the stores because it just isn’t modest enough. Hands still raised.

Enter Mode-sty, an online shopping experience that caters exclusively to those looking for modest clothing. Check it out here!

So what’s the deal with this site? Here’s the rundown. Mode-sty is a boutique clothing website born out of the same frustrations that we ladies in the frum Jewish world, and of the modest world over. Shopping for modest clothing in today’s day and age—the era of the bare midriff, cutout dresses, and itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie anything—makes for a difficult, frustrating and deflating shopping experience. It’s no wonder then, that when a really good find comes along, we modest women get giddy, and that’s the point of Mode-sty; it’s about making shopping easy, effortless, and fun again, and not the chore it has so obviously become.

“The idea really began to shape when my husband curiously asked me about why I got so excited when I found a cute, high neck top”, says Zahra, co-founder of the Mode-sty and professed woman of modesty and practicality who finds that even finding blouses and formal wear is difficult. Zahra explained to her husband that shopping options for modest women are always limited and especially time consuming when searching and sifting through stores that cater to a more revealing society. “I would shop at a 'modest' boutique and face limited (usually vintage) selection or unflattering pieces”.

Originally from California, Zahra now lives in Minneapolis with her husband and son, and Mode-sty has become her second baby. “Our site will cater to the full spectrum of modest dressers; at one end are garments that don't show any cleavage, have short sleeve and are knee length, and at the other end are full length sleeves and hemlines. Also, we'll have a greater representation of skirts and dresses as it is easier for women to find pants elsewhere.” Sounds awesome, no? I know all you frummies are jumping up and down right now. Don’t’ lie.

While not in any way shape or form geared only to Jewish women, this site will address the whole spectrum of Orthodox (and non-Orthodox) Jewish women, which we all know is so varied. It’s exciting to have a website come out that is recognizing the need for modesty in tandem with the need for fashion! In fact, when a site is being endorsed by a celebrity stylist (ahem, Alison Kahn, stylist to Big Bang Theory star and The OAK follower, Mayim Bialik), you know it’s worth the buzz.  

So how does it work? As the site is currently in beta testing right now, there are only flash or pop-up deals (think ideeli, Gilt and Rue La La), as well as giveaways, which you should totally get in on! In fact, the most current giveaway is this stunning dress from a NY designer. When it fully launches in a few short months, however, “the site will offer a curated and personalized selection of beautiful modest outfits for all seasons from both established brands and up-and-coming designers,” Zahra states, many pieces of which will be limited edition. The boutique will be updated twice a month with new pieces. Hi awesome. Sign me up.  

Want to sign up and enter the giveaway for a positively stellar dress? Go here, and see below for the dress you can win!

 When there is a need in society, there needs to be someone there to fill it and that’s what Zahra and the Mode-sty team are trying to do. When I asked Zahra how dressing modestly affects her lifestyle, her answer to me was that modesty is her lifestyle—it is a part of who she is. Relate much? The website is there for exactly that—to help you lead the lifestyle you want, not get frustrated by it. “I definitely don't think being modest is confined to just the way you dress; you can be modest in your behavior and demeanor”, says Zahra, “but in the context of Mode-sty, we're focused on clothes. I'd define modesty as expressing your style and beauty without being revealing.” Any site that endorses that sounds good to me.

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