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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Staple Item of the Day

Hello utilitarian! I simply love basic pieces that are wear-all and functional, and that's what this blouse is. I personally own this silky (but not silk) blouse in white and wear it on a weekly basis with all my different skirts. It definitely doesn't look like it's from Old Navy, which is why I can afford to pair it up with some of my higher-end skirts for work and still look chic, and the more casual look (with the pockets and the buttons stopping midway) make the outfits way more interesting.

Any working professional woman who does not have a white blouse in her closet is doing something very wrong, so best correct that with this piece here. It does come in  three other colors though that are a lot more fun, so if you are in the mood to integrate a whole lot of color for only 25 bucks, then this is the way to do it.Wear it with the cuffs rolled down, or roll them up for a cool and casual look-- you just can't go wrong with this blouse at this price!
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Follow me on Twitter @
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  1. thanks for the tip! im totally gonna pick up this shirt :)


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