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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Graphic Item of the Day

Oh yes! I simply adore dresses, and am constantly looking for practical, trendy and fun dresses that make the modest cut. Voila! This dress from LOFT is so amazing and perfect for fall because it has all the right colors, comes in a fantastic print that would look good on ALL body types, is perfectly modest, and would look stellar with camel colored accessories (think boots and bags!). This dress would be perfect for the office or for shul. It's so expressive but still classic and chic, and because that print has so many different size gradients, it will really flatter all body types. And all those colors will be sure to complement most skin tones, if not all! What's even cuter, it that the top of the dress is meant to resemble a blouse, so this dress has all the potential for the making of a professional, sophisticated woman. Plus, if you go in to LOFT today, dresses are 30% off. BONUS!
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