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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Peplum Item of the Day

I know there are many of you who either love or hate the  peplum. There really is no in between here, and i happen to be of the philosophy of love it. Hi/Lo hems-- those I hate. Peplums, however are having such a moment and I think this top from ASOS is the perfect introduction for you peplum newbies. The flounce is big enough to be trendy, but not too structured to cause an eye sore; the place it hits will minimize your waist, and the color is altogether slimming. PLus the peplum does all the styling for you. Imagine this with a black pencil skirt! Meow. This would be great at the office, on the weekend, or even a night out, just make sure it's the colder months--it's wool!
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