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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Refuah Shelaymah, Mayim Bialik

So, unless you have been under a rock the past week, you have heard that one of my favorite celebs and The OAK follower, Mayim Bialik was in an intense car accident last week. Such a bummer. I know what it's like to be in a horrific car crash - ahh flashback to 2009 - but I also know that it takes tenacity, strength and faith to literally wake up the next day and get back to business, and that's what Mayim did. Kudos.  (PS I did that to, but I'm not going to the Emmys, so it REALLY doesn't matter.)

Any lady who can be traumatized, hospitalized, put under anesthesia, have major surgey, and be splinted and cast in some wild medical device, and then go home and be a mom, as well as a major celebrity attending the Emmys and Emmy pre-parties looking like a million bucks deserves a slow clap. Slow, slow clap.

In today's People article, Mayim was asked about what she will wear to cover up her now injured hand. She says,

"We had already planned on a long sleeve dress. I'm a modest dresser anyway. There are not many dresses that cover your fingertips though so it might take a little of expanding the fabric, trying to get this contraption in a sleek black," she said of the splint she has to wear as a result of the accident."
This makes my Jewish fashionista heartbeat  do somersaults of joy. Good on ya Mayim, and we at The OAK are wishing you a speedy and healthy recovery, and a major Refuah Shelaymah! Go win that Emmy!

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