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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chic Item of the Day

Don't you just love those pieces that are "go-to" and ready on the days when you have nothing to wear, and yet you will still look put together and chic? That's what this dress from Gap is. I'm a bit skeptical to buy it online because there are some complaints in the reviews about the waist fitting oddly, but there is nothing that will stop me from trying (and buying) this dress in the store. UPDATE: This is an online only product. Ordered. Wish me luck.

This dress hits all the major marks in the modesty department: elbows, knees and collar (I know it seems a bit short on the model but let's remember she's probably about 5'10, whereas the majority of the we Jewesses are not). The freakishly adorable cherry print is cute without being too juvenile, the colors are muted and perfect for fall, and the overall cut is sophisticated making this the ultimate dress for a day at the office!
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