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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ruffle Item of the Day

Well, you just can't say no to a little black anything, and in this case it's a little black skirt. Bonus points for a skirt that has all the design and style in itself, because now you don't need to even think about what to wear on top. Any top in any color in almost any material during any season would look fabulous with this skirt. I love that this ruffle is not a full peplum, but still stays in line with that peplum trend. There are a lot of women out there who don't like the peplum because they feel it highlights the horizontal parts of their bodies (which is not accurate--it hides it, in fact), so this skirts is kinda the answer to that. Consider it the hybrid peplum, if you will; both vertical and horizontal, and friendly to women everywhere. So for all you ladies who need another black pencil skirt, make sure it's the one with all the personality.
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  1. Super cute! Can't figure out what is up with that material - it looks super unique!


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