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Monday, November 21, 2011

Avant Item of the Day

I am so smitten with this item of the day!

Before you get all up in my face about this looking like a doily, take a moment to reach beyond your comfort level and embrace avant garde. Sure, this top is not conventional, and wear it alone, and you're bound to get a few whistles from the construction guys (but that'a blog of a whole different color). Lucky for us, this model took the liberty of layering a long-sleeved top underneath, thereby giving you the perfect visualization of the awesomeness that is this cutwork top. I know this won't necessarily appeal to all of you, but I say let your freak flag fly!

The scalloped edge work is exquisite and it really is a statement piece that can va-va-voom up an outfit without getting too scandalous. LOVE IT.

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  1. Do you call that...modest?

  2. When worn with the right clothing, yes. Most of my readers know that when I post items that are not necessarily modest, it is to be paired with something that is. So if a shirt is short sleeves or see through, it is implicit that something should be worn underneath or over it.


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