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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maximus Dressus (AKA the Maxi Dress)

It's been pointed out that long-sleeve maxi dresses are very in right now, whereby giving us frummies a chance to fit in with the rest of Hollywood for a little while. In an effort to show you all how accessible these dresses are for your everyday life and not just for celebrities with fancy stylists, here is run down of some great and relatively priced maxi dresses that are modest and tzanua.

There is no limitation to the maxi dress. Fancy it up and wear it to a wedding, or dress it down and wear it for a weekend excursion. Either way, embrace the trend while it lasts, even though we all know modesty is never going to go out of style. Now, I found a whole bunch more than these, so please know that they do exist! Someone out there loves us, ladies. Power to the frummies!

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Show up to a wedding in this little number and you are sure to shine!

More color blocking! Love it. I found in on sale at shopbop!

This one has a slight cut-out in the back, but wear a tank underneath, and you're golden. Love the tie dye effect!

This one is super expensive but it is by far the prettiest one and would be great as a bridesmaid's dress

Definitely more on the casual side, but still a great addition!

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  1. Where can you buy these for a reasonable price?

  2. seriously...these are super some for broke people like myself! geez..

    1. Try They have cute and affordable clothing.

  3. I'm a Frummie Fashionista and have been forever. Rather than giving my fellow searchers for flatteringly frum fashions one or two options, this is the website I use to scout clothing, shoes and accessories in all price ranges. You can set your own parameters and tweak them to suit yourself. Set alerts like I do if you want to be emailed when something goes on sale. For those of us who are seriously searching for clothing that doesn't sacrifice mod for modest..I highly recommend it. I've already set up a browsing session for long sleeve maxi dresses. I wish you all Hatzlacha!

  4. I ordered the Tinley Road dress from Piper Lime. It was only $79 and free shipping.

  5. Hi Debbie!
    So nice to meet another frum fashion blogger! Love your picks! Hope you stop by my blog and we can be blogger buddies!


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